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Workplace Injury Prevention

Prevention is the most effective intervention strategy.

For employers who are interested in maintaining Employee Health at the workplace

Comprehensive available for all occupations, including:

  • Injury Prevention & Back Health Education Classes, with a focus on health, lifestyle and fitness
  • Job Site Visits to analyze job duties biomechanically and ergonomically, incorporating pictures and video of these job duties into the education classes
  • Health and Wellness Classes focusing on stress management, positive thinking, goal setting, weight management, and effective communication
  • Wellness Nutrition Classes focusing on optimum nutrition

 What is our role?

  • Convince people to invest in their most valuable resource — their health!
  • Present the concept that healthy behavior is a choice they have control over.
  • Interact with employee concepts and belief systems.
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After being part of Lifemark for the past four years, we are now officially rebranding and changing our name to Lifemark Physiotherapy Courtside. In November 2022, we are fully integrating our website with Lifemark.