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HUMAC Isokinetic System

The HUMAC Isokinetic Rehab System is a unique single-chair rehabilitation and testing system that collects accurate data which can then be used to determine readiness for return to sport, work, exercise and other directions. HUMAC isolated-joint testing and rehabilitation systems have proven extremely valuable for quantification and rehabilitation of physical impairment, and have been used in clinical research and for gathering human performance data.

Note: The above information is an excerpt from the HUMAC Testing and Rehabilitation System manual.

Designed to be adaptable to patient needs as well as clinician’s own treatment methods and ideas, the HUMAC system provides anatomically correct positioning and positive stabilization for testing for the musculature surrounding the shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, ankle, knee, and hip. The information gathered can be compared to existing normative data to help establish rehabilitation goals or quantify degree of impairment. Research studies documenting the safety, accuracy, and effectiveness of HUMAC systems are available on request.

Please feel free to contact us for clarification of HUMAC uses. Our clinical team looks forward to assisting you as your clients reach their rehabilitation potential. The HUMAC is available to all Courtside clients whether for assessment within program, post-surgical, or Functional Capacity Assessment.

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